I make custom handmade knifes and handgrinded knife blades that I sell on my sparetime, I also do small custom production runs with very similar design but made in batches these are still handmade with handgrinded blades, handles, sheaths etc but a standardized appearance.


In 2010 I did my first knife with the help of my father in law that had previously made a couple of classic Swedish knife with a Nordic appearance.

Fast forward to 2014 and I had made a staggering total of 6 knifes and got my first knife sold! 

This was also the first time a came across stabilized wood, facebook groups and youtube videos for knife makers, Wow! A whole new world opened up for me and I tried to learn all I saw and read at the same time.

Fast forward again to 2018 and I had made some more knifes, grinded my first 30 blades, visited my first knife exhibition with 10 handmade knifes on my table (None of that where sold but that is another story).